Beware of Specifying or Using Tropical Hardwoods in Your Projects

Tropical Woods

If you specify, purchase or fabricate woodwork using imported wood products, be able to provide a chain of custody or certification. If you are not careful you can be liable under the Lacy Act for using a “protected” wood in your project. 

Anigre Veneer

Popular Woods on the “Hit List”

Many species of popular tropical woods such as Lauan (Meranti), Honduran Mahogany, Anigre and Ipe used for decks are on protected list with liabilities under both the domestic Lacy law and under laws of a foreign country. See this article in Woodworking Network for more information.

Strongly suggested is using wood obtained from temperate regions such as maple and birch for light colored applications and cherry for darker applications. Plantation grown tropical hardwoods such as Red Grandis among others are a good choice for exterior exposures or for where a darker wood is necessary.



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