The Case for Senior Care Facilities in New and Old Urbanism

Senior Care Facilities and housing targeted for seniors are ideal for popular traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs), redevelopment of existing villages, small towns and urban villages. These developments are community diverse in use with home, work, services and recreation within walking distance. Integration of senior housing creates diversity in the community where aging in place means … Continue Reading

Elopement in Senior Care Facilities

One of the biggest fears that an administrator of a senior care facility has is elopement of residents, especially those with memory impairment or dementia. Elopement can lead to tragic consequences for the resident, family, facility and community. Depending on design concept and facility/operational program, incorporation of elopement prevention methods may be minimal to allow … Continue Reading

Joints in the Construction of Buildings

Detailing of joints and edges of elements are one of the primary means of differentiation between modern and traditional architecture. Joints in and between dissimilar materials in traditional architecture are typically provided with profiled moldings to cover the joint between two fields of material.   In modern architecture, one of the most common joints  is the … Continue Reading

Amazing Painted Monasteries of Romania

While this blog will be geared to my observations of best practices in architecture and construction, I will also post cool stuff I come across such as this one…… is linked to article at Amazing Planet.